Thursday, August 2, 2007

17. Deadwood Today

You wouldn’t even know Deadwood was once a mining town if someone didn’t tell you. You would never guess that this is the same town you saw in the HBO Deadwood series. Deadwood doesn’t look like a dusty old mining town that you might see in Nevada, Arizona or New Mexico, with old rundown buildings, narrow streets, stray disheveled dogs, and rusty old pickups rotting away by some old gas station. Deadwood is a clean and orderly town with clean cut, well dressed, prosperous looking people all over the place. That’s because most of those people are tourists. Make no mistake, this is a tourist town and it is full of tourists. However, it doesn’t have a lot of those tee shirt and trinket shops that make most tourists towns look alike from street level. They do have a lot of gaming houses here but it is low key gambling. They have mostly slots and some Black Jack tables. The slots are mostly nickel and quarter slots, with even some penny slots, so you don’t have people losing a lot of money here. It’s mostly playing for the fun of playing. One can play all night and still have enough money left for one of their 79 cent breakfasts of two eggs, toast and hashbrowns

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