Friday, August 3, 2007

18. Starbucks?

…..yes, in case you were wondering, you can get Starbucks coffee in Deadwood. What would Wild Bill think of that? However, there isn’t a free-standing Starbucks here yet, the kind where you can get a half caf half de-caf mocha grande frappiccino with cream. No, it’s just one of those, “we proudly brew” places in a casino. But still, Deadwood has come a long way baby! The suits at corporate must have been watching the Deadwood series too. They figured they probably better send out some scouts to reconnoiter. Apparently they thought enough to plant a flag, even if they are holding back on building a full blown fort and sending in a company of baristas. You never know how the natives might react…you can already get an espresso down at Wild Bill’s Fudge joint and that means the natives might consider Wild Bill coffee their scared grounds.

Of course Peet’s coffee could come to town and send them both to boot hill

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